Creating Tropical Hawaiian Backyard

The feel and ambience of exotic Caribbean or Tropical Mexican holidays can be created in your own backyards. You no longer have to visit beach resorts for those rustic looking wooden and bamboo furniture or thatched roof bars. Palapas, bar tiki and cabanas, which are typical for beach resorts, which service drinks and meals under a thatched canopy, can adorn your homes.

Palapas and cabanas are shelters, which are built around beaches or pools. Palapa is a structure with a huge thatched roof that stands on bamboo poles and is open on all sides. The thatched roof of a palapa is made out of dried palm leaves and branches, which are woven together to form an enormous umbrella. These can be built in any shape and size. So, if you are thinking on how to build a palapa, then the first thing you have to do is clear the site you have chosen and prepare it for construction. After preparing the site, you have to design the frame of the structure. The design of the structure will be based on the size of your site. Palapa Cabana Backyard

You will need a few helpers to transport and lift heavy logs and to put the structure in place. Bamboo is the best building material for palapa. If you are building a palapa around a pool, then you will have to elevate the base so that the wooden poles do not begin to rot due to contact with water. Based on your design, you can put up the frame. An “A” shaped frame is sturdy and easy to construct. The next step will be to cover the skeleton structure with dried palm leaves, coconut leaves or hay. Make sure that you give a protective cover with waterproof membranes to protect against water. You can customize your palapa with fireplaces, bar tikis and any other thing of your liking.

You can have a cabana in your backyard and use it as an outhouse or a guesthouse. The cabana design can be customized to resemble any kind of structure. You can equip it with a kitchen, closets, showers and laundry room. Use natural materials like stone, wood and keep the structure open by using lots of glass.