Make the Night View of Your Garden much Beautiful than Morning Sun

Landscape lightingOne of the problems that people don’t realize when they’re creating the garden is the lighting. They usually put the lighting in there on the final moment without realizing that they should plan it ahead with the rest of the garden. Watch Passengers (2016)

Landscape lighting is quite different with your interior lighting where you want it to be as light as possible. The great landscape lighting could be achieve with a simple lighting layout, artificial lighting that placed in strategic places, or a natural lighting that comes from the moon and shining your full Taming the Horse 2017 film

A good lighting will make your garden looks more beautiful. Usually the good lighting will make the night view of your landscape much more beautiful than the morning view.

Creating a good lighting for your landscape is quite tricky because it contains different shapes, styles, textures, heights, and several other things that could affected the lighting in your landscape. To make your choice of landscape lighting simpler, you could see several tips below:

1. Get the ideas

Find out the function of your landscape lighting. What is it used for? What mood that you want to create? Where do you want to place the lighting? And so on. If you have a large tree in your garden, and you want your lighting to focus on it, you could make it as the object of your lighting and put some low level lighting surrounding the rest of the garden. Another way you could do is by having a low level lighting around you garden amongst the plants that have same height. It will give you the flat effect and rainbow color.

Landscape lighting mood2. Lighting Types

Do you want to spread the light among the garden or do you want to focus it in a specific object? You could use special lamps or reflectors to get the effect you desired. For example, if you want your garden to be flooded with light, consider using the wide angle lens and do the opposite to get a different effect. Flood lighting is useful to create shadows. Place it under shrubs or trees, and it will create shadows that surrounded nearby plants. On the contrary, spotlight is the best to highlight the things that you want people to focus on. Move it forward and backward until you get the desired lighting.

4. Color

Color is one of the important aspects of lighting your landscape. While white light is good to bring out the true colors of surrounding plants, you could also use yellow light to create a different mood and increase the effect of woods and other natural colors.

5. Textures

Do you want the lighting to look solid, weaver, or smooth? Different places you put the light will give you different results. You need to find the right angle to bring out the best of your object. One of the favorite ways to create a flickering reflections and shadows are by having a landscape lighting to light your artificial waterfall or fountain.

These are useful tips of landscape lighting that you could put right away into your garden. After you did it, don’t forget to cover the source of lighting, if possible, to create a mysterious lighting source. Your guests will be thrilled to find out a great lighting in your garden without knowing the exact source of it.