Solar Power is Now More Affordable than Ever

Solar panel rebates are being offered right now, and for a short time, you can purchase a solar unit at a hugely discounted rate. To find out just how much you could save, visit Verengo Solar, one of the fastest growing companies in the world right now, and your number one source for solar panels and installations. You can get an exact quote with absolutely no obligations, attachments or commitments online through Verengo’s free quote submission form, or you can call Verengo’s toll-free number at 877-403-3479.

The United States federal government is advocating for people to make the transition from traditional coal power to the new and improved method of energy in your home generated from the sun that sustains our earth.

In a joint effort between your federal and state governments, as well as grants from utilities companies, you can finally have the solar power you have always wanted right in your home, at a rate that is compliant and accommodating to your income, and your energy needs.  

Solar technology, though previously expensive has now been made more affordable than ever before, and thanks to the numerous grants and stipends being offered at this very moment, you can get up to 40 percent off of your initial costs, and begin saving immediately on your monthly electric bills.

California Solar Panel Rebates offer additional discounts on solar power units, and utilities companies are now presenting opportunities to save even more through a variety of programs where solar users can sell back any surplus of energy to deduct even more from the initial costs of solar power.

The benefits of solar power are clear, and with all of the rebates, incentives, grants, and tax credits available, there is no better time to buy and save than right now. When you purchase a solar unit, you will automatically be eligible for the 2009 Stimulus Bill which will provide you with a 30 percent tax credit on the total cost of your solar unit—the more you spend, the more you save, but act soon, because these offers are only temporary, and are available in a very limited quantity. Your government wants you to switch to solar power, and both federal and state authorities are so confident that you will be satisfied when you make the switch, that they are willing to help you take on these initial costs. The risk is low, the remunerations and benefits are extremely high, and you can take the first step towards a better, healthier tomorrow when you choose Verengo to make the switch from filthy and deleterious coal supported power to clean and efficient solar energy.

You will begin saving hundreds of dollars the moment your electric bill arrives, and you will be thrilled that you chose to make the switch to solar power, especially if you do so while these fantastic opportunities to save money are still being offered. Don’t wait until you have no choice but to switch to solar, stay ahead of the game with Verengo and take full advantage of the rebates and incentives that can literally save you thousands of dollars; you are getting paid by your government to save money on your electric bills!

Customers are thrilled with the choice they made to go solar with Verengo, and Verengo’s expert staff will help you to answer any questions, provide you with any information you need and a no obligation quote, and stick by you every step of the way as you save money on your electric bills, support the healthy upkeep of our environment, and enjoy the benefits of clean, low-cost energy.