Choosing the Right Sofa

Nice SofaChoosing a sofa is a glimpse of the work easy. However it’s not only the taste and price that must be observed. There are also other things that need to be considered.

1. Specify Size
In addition to the size of the room, before buying a sofa also considers weight and height. This is important if the sofa will be placed on the top floor, so must the stairs. Record the length, width and height door that is suitable for passing through the entrance.

2. Neutral Model
The color is too light and is in at this time usually does not survive long, and will be replaced by colors of other light. Therefore, choose a neutral color. If you want to play with colors, do the pillowcase, with changing colors according to the pillowcase that are in color.

3. Lifestyle
Choose a sofa with a cloth / leather layer that matches your lifestyle. Do not forget to consider where the sofa will be placed. When you have children, should avoid buying a sofa’s upholstery with a white satin. If you are single, sofa with white satin may be very suitable.

4. Right motifs
If the sofa will be placed in the room the most often passed by and occupied, try to choose the motif that can cover the stains specs. Ideally choose sofas with a variety of color patterns, so it will still look beautiful even hide the stains caused by your children.