Choosing Wallpaper for Your Home

WallpaperUse of is not only for aesthetic matters. This wall paper has the advantages that are not owned by the paint. For the installation, submit to the experts so that the wall paper lasting for many years. In addition, select the phentermine poison free. There are many reasons for people to stucco walls of the house with wallpaper. One of them is to get the expressive impression to the wall. Patterns, motifs and colors are very diverse so make the walls look more alive.

Similar to the mode, the wallpaper also recognize trends that are tailored to the style of the house. To the classic house, for example, can be selected Victorian motifs such as flowers. Conversely, for the minimalist home, the fit color option is a dark gray. Meanwhile, if your home Oriental style, color of gold nuances is the right choice.

Does expensive? Previously the price was bearable, but now much wallpaper is sold in the market with cheaper price. It is incorrectly, if the person has assumption that installing wallpaper is more expensive than the regular paint.

The resilience of the wallpaper can be up to 10 even 15 years, in average for 8 years, while painting only 2 years resistant. If you want to be painted again, should be peeled first. The cost will be more expensive and your room will be more dirty and dusty. Meanwhile, wallpaper, already can be installed in a day and does not smell.

Although cursory look expensive, wallpaper also have the other functions, to cover cracked on the wall of hair, which can not be done by ordinary wall paint. In addition, this paper can also be used to cover the walls of uneven process.

Special Terms

One thing that needs to be note when choosing wallpaper is a dangerous of the poison. Select the dis solvent ink or the based layer from water base. So, even it is installed in a of children room, does not dangerous and kept safe.

To get the best results, do not immediately decide to in one place. Compare with the wallpaper in some other place or see some sites in the internet.

There are certain conditions when the wallpaper paste. If there is a new wall, let the wall watery. Usually, give water several times to the wall so that a new wall will foggy. In addition to good results, also for minimize a hair cracked.

Note carefully the wallpaper pattern / motifs that will be installed. Indeed, install wallpaper by craftsman can get more optimal results. One install add even more costs. Concerning care? Just clean with a wet cloth when dusty.

Tips for installing wallpaper

1. Before you buy and install wallpaper, prepared to accept the consequences of long-term usage.
2. For small rooms, you should select the wallpaper with a horizontal line so that the room looks great. Do not too many motifs because too many patterns will seem narrow.
3. If you want to use pattern, used in rarely distance or only one wall only. For example, just at the head of the bed.
4 . Wallpaper is very durable depending on the installation. Do not be exposed to seepage / leakage of water due to long-duration.
5. Matches with the furniture.