Creating Personal Touch with the Uniqueness Of Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugsAn interior design usually not complete yet without the aids of rugs. Rugs are very good to enhance the effect of your interior design either in the living room, bedroom, even in the hallway. It’s also a good choice to use rugs with intricate designs to hide the imperfections of your house or covering some hidden doors. Rugs could also put in the office to make it looks more personal for your client so they could feel more comfortable in your The Jungle Book 2016 film online now

The most popular rugs nowadays, come from the Oriental countries. Oriental rugs, in this case, means the rugs that are made in the Asia, like Persian, Chinese, Indian, and Turkish. The popularity of these Oriental rugs is not as high as the antique rugs that you know. It’s because the price from these types of rugs are not as high as the antique ones.

Most of the Oriental rugs are made by hand. But today, with helps from technology, the manufacturers start producing these rugs with machines. However, it’s not totally shut down the rugs productions that are made by hand. It’s because the rugs that made by hands are more expensive because of the beauty of the hand-made products.
handmade oriental rugs
Some of the Oriental rugs are made from natural fibers like silk, wool, cottons, or animal hairs. You don’t have to be alert by finding the animal hairs in your rugs because the animal doesn’t have to be sacrificed first just to get the hairs. They simply being shaved and it’s done. There are also other rugs that made from synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and acrylics.

However, the wool rugs are still the most popular one because of the softness, durability, and dirt-free. Synthetic reproductions of Oriental rugs is a good choice too because it make the prices of rugs more affordable and available in many sizes, colors, and shapes.

Before you start to buy the Oriental rugs for your house, you need to have these several points in mind first:
– Make the colors blended with the rest of your room
– Get an Oriental rugs with a good border if you’re not intend to hide any part of these rugs
– Get the synthetic rugs if one of your family members has some allergies
Get vibrant color rugs for your minimalist room, and do the other way around
– Compare several rugs in their designs or patterns before you put them all in the same room
– Antique rugs are more costly, but it will have the documents to proof the authenticity
– Reproduction of antique rugs is cheaper
– Rugs that made from natural fibers will be slightly pricey than synthetic ones
– Rugs that is hand-made known for higher durability and higher price
– The more intricate the design, the more money you’ll pay
– The country that produces rugs will affect the price

No matter what kind of rugs that you intend to buy, make sure you keep these points in mind so that at least you’ve already have some guidance before you buy.