Going Solar Without Breaking the Bank

Now is the best time to go solar because the government is there to help you out.  It has come to our attention that current power standards are causing reprehensible damage to the Earth and it is absolutely essential that we take steps to reduce the harmful greenhouse gasses that are infiltrating the atmosphere.  In order to accomplish this, we need to start taking advantage of the renewable energy sources that are available.  The most obvious one is hanging right above our heads – the sun!

The sun puts out more than enough energy to meet all of our energy needs.  With the right equipment we can easily harvest this abundance of free, clean energy and convert it into electricity.  When you look at the alternative, it is very obvious that solar power is the better option.  Not only are fossil fuels becoming more and more expensive, but they are also a finite resource that causes serious environmental problems.

This important change is not just going to happen overnight, but there are certainly steps that we can take to get started.  Each and every household or business that switches to solar power is proof to other people that solar power works.  There are so many people out there who do not realize that there are better home power options available, and it is up to all of us to spread the word so that future generations will not have to clean up after us.  Yes, mistakes have been made but today there are legitimate solutions.

One common concern that potential solar users have is how they will afford the equipment and installation.  This is definitely a legitimate concern, but it is also a concern with a viable answer.  Contrary to what many people think, most homeowners do not just buy their solar energy system outright.  And even if they do, they are definitely not paying full price.  There are plenty of ways to drastically offset the initial costs.

California, New York, and New Jersey are known for their generous solar rewards programs.  These states have realized the full extent of the damage that fossil fuels are doing to this planet, which is why they go to great lengths to make it possible for their citizens to contribute to a solution.  Homeowners can use tax credits, grants, and cash back rebates to reduce the cost of their solar equipment significantly.  But that is not all.

These states also provide homeowners with performance-based incentives that allow them to actually make money with their solar energy systems.  New York and California have net-metering programs that pay solar users for their extra power.  Many homes generate more power than they could possibly use, which can be sold to the utility companies.  This reduces the amount of fossil fuels being used and also allows the homeowner to make some extra money.

New Jersey has a similar program, but they receive Solar Renewable Energy Credits for every 1,000 kilowatts of solar power produced.  These certificates can be sold for cash, or traded on the open market like stocks.  The average New Jersey homeowner pays 45% more for fuel than the rest of the country, which is one of the main reasons why New Jersey ranks 2nd in the nation as far as solar usage.

All of these home solar panel rebates have made going solar without breaking the bank entirely possible.  Verengo’s generous prices and payment plans help to make it so that any homeowner can switch over to clean solar power these days.  This is truly an exciting time for anyone who wants to cut down on living costs while also doing their part to make this planet green and sustainable.

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