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Solar Power is Now More Affordable than Ever

Solar panel rebates are being offered right now, and for a short time, you can purchase a solar unit at a hugely discounted rate. To find out just how much you could save, visit Verengo Solar, one of the fastest growing companies in the world right now, and your number one source for solar panels and installations. You can get an exact quote with absolutely no obligations, attachments or commitments online through Verengo’s free quote submission form, or you can call Verengo’s toll-free number at 877-403-3479.

The United States federal government is advocating for people to make the transition from traditional coal power to the new and improved method of energy in your home generated from the sun that sustains our earth.

In a joint effort between your federal and state governments, as well as grants from utilities companies, you can finally have the solar power you have always wanted right in your home, at a rate that is compliant and accommodating to your income, and your energy needs.  

Why Going Solar is the Obvious Choice for NJ Residents

New Jersey residents have probably noticed a considerable amount of interest in solar energy in local communities.  This is not just a coincidence.  Although there has been a remarkable surge of  homeowners switching to solar energy in recent times, New Jersey residents in particular have a great deal to gain.  New Jersey offers one of the most exciting rewards programs for people who wish to pursue this greener way of living.

Because NJ utility companies are required to generate their own power or buy it from other people who do, solar users can make some good profit by simply collecting SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) and selling them.  SRECs are basically a receipt for excess energy that has been used by utility companies, which can later be sold on the open market.  This allows homeowners who are already saving thousands of dollars in electricity costs to profit even more from their investment.